We love contributions, so please feel free to fix bugs, improve things, provide documentation. These are the steps:

  • Create an issue and explain your feature/bugfix.

  • Wait collaborators comments.

  • Fork the project and create new branch from develop.

  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.

  • Add tests and documentation if needed.

  • Create pull request for the issue to the develop branch.

  • Wait collaborators reviews.

Running Tests

Use tox for running tests in each of the environments, also to run coverage and flake8 among:

# Run all tests.
$ tox

# Run with Python 3.11 and Django 4.2.
$ tox -e py311-django42

# Run single test file on specific environment.
$ tox -e py311-django42 -- tests/cases/

We use Github Actions to automatically test every commit to the project.

Improve Documentation

We use Sphinx to generate this documentation. If you want to add or modify something just:

  • Install Sphinx (pip install sphinx) and the auto-build tool (pip install sphinx-autobuild).

  • Move inside the docs folder. cd docs/

  • Generate and watch docs by running sphinx-autobuild . _build/.

  • Open in a browser.